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Ferrovial a finalist in the British Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Awards

Category: General / 05 July 2012

Ferrovial's 'Community Infrastructure' program has been selected by Business in the Community as a finalist in the international 'Awards for Excellence'. The advisory committee pointed to the combination of funding, resources and know-how in projects developed as part of the program.

Ferrovial's 'Community Infrastructure' program has been selected as a finalist in the Awards for Excellence run by Business in the Community (BITC), in the International Award category.

The advisory committee behind these awards, the most prestigious British awards in the field of corporate social responsibility, particularly praised the inclusion of impact measurements and assessment instruments, as well as the combination of funding, resources and know-how. "This is an excellent program, with key performance indicators (KPIs) offering rigorous results, backed by the company's know-how. This shows a clear connection between the business strategy and corporate responsibility programs”, stated the 'Awards for Excellence' advisory committee.

The 'Community Infrastructure' program is aimed at mitigating imbalances or shortages of water and sanitation infrastructure in vulnerable communities, both rural and urban, in Latin America and Africa. As well as providing funding for projects, the company supplies technical assistance, technology and specialists to take part in developing infrastructure: company volunteers bring their experience and know-how to help NGOs, both on the ground and from their usual workstations.

Peru and Tanzania

As part of the 'Community Infrastructure' program, Ferrovial is currently working in Peru, alongside the NGO Plan España, to develop a drinking water and sanitation system in four communities in the Cajamarca region. This project will guarantee direct access to drinking water and basic hygiene to 2,225 people and indirect access to 26,000. Likewise, in Tanzania the company is working with ONGAWA to build sustainable water supply systems in Kata de Maore, in the country's northern district of Same.

Business in the Community

Business in the Community (BITC) is a not-for-profit organisation backed by businesses that fosters best responsible business practices. It is the largest and one of the oldest British business associations committed to CSR. Founded in 1982, the association now has more than 830 members (Ferrovial Agroman and Amey, among them).

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