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Ferrovial Agroman launches an R+D consortium to measure building sustainability

Category: General / 06 July 2012

Ferrovial Agroman has joined forces with other Spanish construction operators to launch an R+D consortium that will measure building sustainability. Under the name of MES, the program called "Development and validation of a global classification method for assessing and comparing sustainability levels in buildings” will have the backing and support of two research centres.

Funded by the INNPACTO program, run by Spain’s Economics and Competitiveness Ministry, MES will conclude at the end of 2012 and will be divided into three stages: identifying building sustainability criteria; planning a method to assess sustainability in building processes, and finally a practical stage involving validation of the method, by assessing pilot buildings under sustainability criteria.

By the end of the project a globally recognised building sustainability assessment process will be in place for Spain, allowing for comparison against international assessment approaches and other methods. Likewise, the project includes laboratory tests on materials to analyse their performance in terms of environmental sustainability.

The MES project was approved in 2010 under file number IPT-380000-2010-016 and has a budget of over 1.6 million euro, with co-financing from FEDER funds. The INNPACTO program is part of the state’s innovation strategy and chiefly aims to encourage major private-public sector partnership projects.

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