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Ferrovial and the NGO Plan España renovate a school in Uganda

Category: General / 27 March 2012

As part of its social action strategy, Ferrovial has collaborated with the NGO Plan España in renovating the Apokor primary school in Uganda, which admits over 1,000 pupils. The funding that the company has earmarked for this project has come from its employees' participation in the Human Resources Survey, where Ferrovial undertakes to contribute one euro for each worker that completes the survey.


Plan España's project in which Ferrovial has collaborated has allowed a thorough reform to be carried out of the school that was built during the colonial era. Its roof had partially collapsed and there was a danger that it was going to completely collapse. In fact, it was impossible to give classes when it was raining so the structure has been strengthened to ensure its survival.

The building currently houses over 1,000 pupils in its four classrooms and it is an educational benchmark in the county.

In the words of Silvia Lázaro, Internal Communications and Corporate Responsibility manager for Ferrovial Employees, "it is an excellent initiative, which through the participation of our staff in the Human Resources Survey focused on creating and implementing plans to improve working conditions within the company, and also contributed to carrying out a solidarity project like this".

For Manuel Costa, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Institutional Relations at Ferrovial, "the project fits with our Social Infrastructure programme aimed at improving living conditions in developing countries through creating, maintaining or renovating infrastructure. This time Plan España and Ferrovial have come together to ensure the education of over 1,000 pupils in Uganda".

A total of 11,218 people participated in the 2011 Human Resources Survey, compared to 7,440 in the previous survey that was conducted in 2008 through which Ferrovial funded the construction of a classroom in an orphanage in Tanzania.

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