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Ferrovial "Best Stock Market Value 2011"

Category: General / 09 March 2012

Ferrovial has been chosen by readers of the weekly "Investment" magazine as the best stock market value of 2011. This award recognises the strength of the company on the stock market, the shares of which were revalued by 25.4% in 2011, and demonstrates its financial health in the current market.

In 2011 Ferrovial obtained a net income of 1.269 billion euros and improved its key financial figures. Its Gross Operating Profit increased to 818 million euros in 2011, up 8.9% from the previous year in comparable terms. It also raised its ex-projects net cash position to 907 million euros.

The award was collected by Joaquín Ayuso, Ferrovial Vice Chairman, from Antonio Zoido, chairman of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) at a ceremony held in the building of the Madrid Stock Exchange.

The 'Investment' awards, which celebrated its twentieth edition, are awarded by the readers of this publication specialising in the world of saving and investment, through a vote that took place over four weeks.

In 2007, readers of the weekly magazine selected the acquisition of BAA by Ferrovial as "Best Financial Operation".

Ferrovial, the fourth most rated value in Eco10

Ferrovial has been selected as the fourth most rated value by experts, according to the latest revision of the stock market index that the quarterly economic journal "The Economist" produces in collaboration with 52 investment firms. The more than fifty investment firms, the largest consensus in the Spanish market, that collaborate in preparing the Eco10, update the consensus portfolio with the most appropriate values currently in the markets.

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