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Ferrovial to build the new Farringdon Station

Category: General / 24 November 2011

The consortium that comprises Ferrovial Agroman, BAM Nuttall and Kier Construction (BFK), all with equal stakes, has awarded the contract to build the new Farringdon station, that includes the construction of the station´s building, accesses and caverns, for more than 200 million pounds (more than 230 million euro).

The ceremony was attended by the Chairman of Plan España, Luis Rivera; and that of ONGAWA, Miguel Ángel Pantoja; as well as the Ferrovial Human Resources Manager, Jaime Aguirre, and the Ferrovial Communications and Corporate Responsibility Manager, Juan Francisco Polo.

The initiative is part of the "Social Infrastructure" plan that Ferrovial has included in its new Corporate Responsibility Plan 20.13. Ferrovial will contribute technical know-how through its volunteers, as well as 200,000 euros in financing for each project.

Juan Francisco Polo, the Ferrovial Director of Communications and Corporate Responsibility, points out that the Corporate Responsibility Plan 20.13 is intended to support the development of social infrastructure.

"We are satisfied with the response to this first call for tenders, attracting a total of 29 project submissions, 16 of which are located in Latin American and 13 in Africa. We are confident that both projects will be a success", said Juan Francisco Polo.

Drinking water systems in Peru

Ferrovial will work with Plan España in Peru to develop a drinking water and water treatment system in four communities of the Olmedo district, located in the region of Cajamarca, one of the country's poorest. The project, to be implemented over 24 months, will ensure direct access to drinking water and basic hygiene services to 2,225 people and indirectly to 26,000.

Luis Rivera, Chairman of Plan España, explained that "the agreement means Ferrovial's know-how in building water treatment infrastructure can be put to use in one of the most underprivileged regions of Peru. I am certain that partnership between Plan España and Ferrovial will be a great success".

Water treatment infrastructure in Tanzania

In Tanzania, a country where Ferrovial has already worked on similar projects, the company will partner with ONGAWA to reduce mortality caused by water-borne or water-related diseases, which are responsible for 5 of the main health conditions that affect the area.

The project will build sustainable water supply systems in Kata de Maore, in the northern district of Same. The project will be implemented over 12 months, with 13,600 direct beneficiaries and 48,800 indirect beneficiaries.

The Chairman of ONGAWA, Miguel Ángel Pantoja, explained that "a lack of drinking water and hygiene systems causes disease to spread, leading to high mortality levels in Tanzania. Having available water will mean preventing deaths, providing people with more opportunity to work and will even help children to attend school".

The two projects will involve community participation, with the aim of improving hygiene and health conditions, developing the skills of local government workers to ensure sustainable water and hygiene services.

Ferrovial Volunteers and International Cooperation

The Human Resources and Communications and Corporate Responsibility Departments would again like to extend our thanks to Ferrovial employees for their participation in and commitment to these initiatives. On this occasion 21 candidates from both the Construction and Services divisions submitted applications.

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