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KAD T1 Stands and Delivers at Heathrow

Category: General / 21 February 2019

Ferrovial Agroman completed the final handover of the Terminal 1 Stands package within the Kilo Apron Development project at Heathrow Airport, two months ahead of schedule.

On 19 December 2018, Ferrovial Agroman completed the final handover of the Terminal 1 Stands package within the Kilo Apron Development project at Heathrow Airport, two months ahead of schedule. Located in the North-East area of Terminal 2, between the recently reconstructed Bravo and Kilo Taxiways, the scope ofT1 Stands consisted of the construction of 5 new stands with the capacity to hold several aircraft types from the A318 to the large A380.

Ferrovial Agroman's first contact with the Kilo Apron Development project began in 2015 to support Heathrow in the concept stage of T1 Stands. A thorough strategy was developed to enable construction of the new infrastructure whilst at the same time ensuring the airport's operations were not impacted, in particular baggage handling and air traffic control. This took place alongside the partial demolition of Terminal 1.  

Ferrovial Agroman successfully collaborated with various stakeholders to create a harmonious team environment. The T1 Stands package was also the main contributor to Ferrovial Agroman winning National Site Award status in the Considerate Constructors Scheme and the Heathrow Partnership Award in the "Improving Every Day" category.

Construction started in autumn 2016 and was mainly divided into two different phases; phase 1, to deliver the two first stands for operations by Christmas 2017 and phase 2, to deliver and bring into use the remaining three stands.

The team took possession of phase 2 in February 2018. In this time, the works reached outstanding standards in Health, Safety and Quality, with the development of a number of innovative environmentally friendly solutions such as; solar floodlight towers, electric vehicle replacement and demolition material recycling strategies to produce compliant subbase and concrete aggregates.

Construction Manager, Alberto de Fuentes said: "Only thanks to a greatly committed team deploying excellent skills, the key milestone has been achieved two months ahead of schedule. The whole T1 Stands team appreciates all the time, effort and collaboration from all parties that have made this a huge success."

Pedro Roa, Project Manager, added "This is an early Christmas present from Ferrovial Agroman to Heathrow. Collaboratively, the team has delivered these stands two months ahead of schedule providing Heathrow with extra and unexpected resilience for the busy festive season. I am very proud of every single member of this team, delivering these stands from concept stage and managing the most complex stakeholders in the airport."

The Ferrovial Agroman team remains firmly committed to planning and delivering the ongoing works in other areas of the Kilo Apron Development project in support of Heathrow's future development.

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