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Mariano Rajoy and David Cameron visit the BFK Crossrail site

Category: General / 22 February 2012

The President of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, has come to show support to Spanish companies working in the United Kingdom and has visited along with the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, the Crossrail construction site, the new London commuter train in which Ferrovial is involved in its construction.

The politicians were accompanied at all times by Rafael del Pino, Ferrovial chairman, Iñigo Meirás, Ferrovial CEO, and Alejandro de la Joya, Ferrovial Agroman CEO. They toured part of the construction site together and heard the explanations of the engineers, along with the huge tunneling machine to open up to 21 kilometers of underground track in the British capital. Senior members of the British and Spanish government, as well as top executives of the major companies operating in Crossrail were also present during the visit.

Within the Crossrail programme, Ferrovial Agroman was awarded the construction contract for the Farringdon tube station in London last November for over 200 million pounds, equivalent to over 230 million euros. This contract is the third job that the consortium, owned by the construction company, has been awarded under this project.

The other two contracts, awarded in 2010, include the construction of two tunnels 6.2-kilometers in length that run between Royal Oak and Farringdon and the construction of the entrances, vestibules and platforms of the stations of Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road. All of them, put Ferrovial Agroman's backlog in the United Kingdom at over 1 billion euros.

The biggest infrastructure project in Europe

The Crossrail will cross London from east to west linking Heathrow Airport, the city center, the City and Canary Wharf. This project involves building eight new stations, improving twenty-eight existing ones and linking 21 kilometers of underground track to the 90 already built. It is anticipated that the complete line will be operational in 2018.

Crossrail is one of the largest infrastructure projects currently underway in Europe, with a budget of 18.285 billion euros, which Ferrovial is involved in together with other Spanish companies.

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