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Thames Tideway Tunnel – Central Section

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The Thames Tideway Tunnel is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the UK water industry. It is essential to tackling overflows from London's Victorian sewers into the Thames, for at least the next 100 years. The project will create over 4,000 sustainable jobs and another 5,000 indirectly. It will also offer hundreds of local apprenticeships and work placements, leaving a lasting legacy in the heart of London.







2015 - 2024


Design & Build

London's sewerage system relies on a series of combined sewer overflows, designed to discharge into the Thames during heavy storms. This system releases sewage into the river on a weekly basis, reaching over 55 million tonnes annually.

We are delivering the central section, working alongside two other contracting teams in the west and east. Our scope includes development consent, design, and construction of the new sewer tunnel. With a total length of 12.7km, the central tunnel will be driven using two purpose-built 8.8m diameter Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) TBMs, and will run up to 60m deep between Fulham and Bermondsey. In addition, the works include the construction of eight shafts and pumping stations, logistics, and soil disposal via the barges on the river.

Collaboration is a key factor for successful delivery. We have established a Procurement Alliance, in collaboration with Thames Water, the different Main Works Contractors and the System Integrator – our sister company Amey – to ensure that a best-for-project approach is consistently followed. This effective approach to risk management and mitigation ensures that the project is delivered to the highest standards.


  • Consistent approach to design optimisation and value engineering to reduce cost and improve efficiency
  • Use of the River Thames for transport and logistics to minimise movements by road, including TBM sections delivered by river and 2.7million tonnes of TBM spoil removed
  • The Legacy Programme will benefit ecology, public health, the environment and the appearance of the Thames through formal commitments on five key themes: environment, health and safety, economy, people, and places
  • Innovative implementation of hybrid cutting wheels on the hydromill to increase production and improve efficiency for the integral diaphragm walls
  • Over 3,000 consents achieved seven months ahead of schedule

”Working on the prestigious Thames Tideway Tunnel project for an industry-leading company like Ferrovial has provided career enhancing experiences and has boosted my professional profile within the industry. Being the first female project manager on the project has given me the opportunity to lead as a role model within the industry not just for my team, but for other professionals and future generations of engineers. This is a significant responsibility and one that I welcome. I am motivated to deliver the best for my client and my team and to continue my career development within the industry further.”

Concepcion Vicente, Project Manager, Thames Tideway Tunnel - Central


  • 12.7km new sewer tunnel length
  • 2x8.8m diameter EPB TBMs
  • 8 shafts between 42 and 60m deep
  • 2nd deepest diaphragm walls in the UK at 86.5m
  • 9,000+ jobs created and 1,000+ apprenticeships
  • 90% reduction in sewage-related litter entering the River Thames

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