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Modern Slavery Act Statement

At Ferrovial Agroman UK and Ireland our company has a corporate responsibility to engage our local project communities, but we also recognise how our actions and international commitment can influence on a global scale. Therefore, through various intergovernmental initiatives such as the Global Compact and the Declaration of the International Labor Organization (ILO), Ferrovial is dedicated to supporting and respecting fundamental human rights, internationally recognised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Community Infrastructure programme aims to increase access to safe water and sewage infrastructure in the most vulnerable communities of rural and urban Latin America and Africa. Ferrovial grants up to €250,000 to selected projects and provides technical and technological assistance and expertise in infrastructure development. Volunteers from across the company are given the opportunity to contribute their experience, knowledge and technical expertise by advising NGOs, both on site and from Ferrovial's offices.

Every year, at least six Ferrovial volunteers travel to project sites for 15 days with the aim of improving project efficiency and training communities on how to keep installations operational after the project is completed.

As part of this programme, Ferrovial is currently working with Plan España to develop a drinking water and sewage system in four communities of the Olmedo Canton, in Cajamarca, one of the poorest regions of Peru. The 24 month long project will ensure direct access to basic drinking water and sewage systems for 2,225 people and indirect access for 26,000.

In Tanzania, following the success of the Maji ni Uhai -Water is Life initiative, the company is working with ONGAWA to establish sustainable water supply systems in Kata de Maore, in the Same district of northern Tanzania. Over the course of 12 months, this project will benefit 13,600 people directly and 48,800 indirectly.

Ferrovial's "Community Infrastructure" programme has been selected by Business in the Community as a finalist in the international "Awards for Excellence". The advisory committee pointed to the combination of funding, resources and know-how in projects developed as part of the programme. The "Awards for Excellence" are the most prestigious and influential British awards for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Modern Slavery Act Statement

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