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As we grow to face the new challenges of our industry, it is important that our employees are equipped with the latest professional skills to meet them. This is why we have worked hard to establish a culture of continuous personal and professional development, to ensure our employees are trained, qualified and able to achieve their maximum potential.

Our Graduate Programme for Civil Engineers is accredited by the Institution of Civil
Engineers (ICE).

Our Graduate Programme for Quantity Surveyors is accredited by the Chartered Institute
of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES).

Every Ferrovial employee takes part in an annual training review where their continuous professional development is analysed and planned for the year ahead. Employees are able to select from our extensive training catalogue for in-house and external training courses and also have access to Ferrovial's Summa university, where intensive training courses are offered throughout the year.

Conversations for Development is the initiative that guides our employees' professional development. In this process, Ferrovial Agroman gives colleagues the opportunity to look to the future and reflect on what areas they would like to improve on. To do so, each year everyone is invited to have a conversation with their line manager to identify strengths and improvement areas and complete their competencies assessment. The objective is to agree on an ambitious (but realistic) Development Plan that will drive the employee's training and development for the next 12 months.

Our graduate programmes have been designed to provide a flexible development schedule which lasts between two to four years. Accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors, these flexible programmes ensure that our graduates are challenged yet supported to become highly qualified in the delivery of world-class projects.

Ferrovial Agroman UK and Ireland is an inclusive company which is striving to make a difference by providing under-represented groups with opportunities to gain valuable knowledge and skills, not only for the construction and civil engineering of today, but also of tomorrow.

This is why we invite individuals who are not employed by the company to join us for the opportunity to participate in work experience. The mutual benefit for our employees, members of the community who are classified as long-term unemployed, NEETs or simply enthusiastic school/college students looking to gain industry experience has been outstanding and is reason enough for our company to continue to expand this unique programme.

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