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  • Toowoomba-Second Range Crossing, Australia
    Australia Projects

    The project will develop an offline 41km bypass route to the north of Toowoomba, significantly improving driver safety and journey time reliability by removing heavy vehicles from the central business district of Australia's second largest inland city. The project will deliver long-term benefits to Queensland and provide a safer, faster link to the ports and southeast to Brisbane, reducing travel time by up to 40 minutes.

  • Barajas Terminal 4 Airport and rail link, Madrid, Spain
    Spain Projects

    Barajas Airport Terminal 4 doubled aircraft and passenger capacity at Spain’s largest international airport, capable of handling 70 million passengers annually, with aircraft taking off and landing at an average of one every 30 seconds. The high-speed rail link to the airport was a key enabler of this expansion, allowing air passengers to link directly onto the national railway network for further onward connections through Chamartin and Atocha stations.

  • Barcelona Metro Line 9/10 Expansion, Barcelona, Spain
    Spain Projects

    Barcelona Metro Line 9/10 will be Europe’s longest underground line at 48km overall. 44km will run through bored tunnels and 4km on an elevated viaduct. Due for completion in 2021, it will provide links to four suburbs as part of a wider urban regeneration programme, connecting the airport and city centre. The project is being delivered in an environment three times more densely populated than London.

  • Madrid M30
    Spain Projects

    The M30, a major highway that circles the central district of Madrid, is one of the busiest highways in Spain and contains the longest urban motorway tunnels in Europe. In 2004, the city embarked on the £3.5bn scheme which would see the highway rerouted through tunnels to alleviate congestion, reduce travel time, improve traffic flow, and significantly reduce the environmental and acoustic impact of the M30 operations on Spain’s capital city.

  • Lyndon B Johnson (LBJ) Expressway, Texas, USA
    USA Projects

    As one of the most complex highway projects of its kind in the country, the LBJ Expressway delivered long-awaited improvements - relieving traffic congestion for millions of North Texas commuters each year through its innovative managed lanes approach. The current capacity will be nearly doubled with the creation of up to six new express managed lanes on IH-635 and four on portions of IH-35.

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