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Our suppliers set the foundation on which we are able to deliver our projects successfully, on time, to budget whilst delivering maximum value to our clients. Our vision, therefore, is to maintain and improve the quality, sustainability, affordability and reliability of our supply chain.

At the tender stage, we implement a transparent evaluation procedure utilising 4Projects software. Once the successful bidder has been selected, we work closely with our suppliers utilising CEMAR software in addition to regular contact and feedback sessions to convey important information regarding future workload and how to better manage our respective resource requirements. This collaborative approach enables us to improve quality standards, reduce waste and achieve greater efficiency in the delivery of our service.

We are dedicated in our commitment to provide the maximum benefit to the local community through the use of local suppliers and the employment of local labour. We expect our suppliers to adhere to and promote our LIFE Behavioural Safety Programme and share our corporate values and ethics. Furthermore, we expect our supply chain to meet our own high standards in the following:

  • Supplier diversity, inclusivity and equality.
  • Fair employment practices.
  • Workforce health, safety and welfare.
  • Strategic labour needs and training opportunities.
  • Community benefits, including stakeholder relations and the Considerate Constructors Scheme.
  • Ethical sourcing, including compliance with the ETI base code.
  • Environmental sustainability.

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